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Inle Lake Myanmar Inle Lake Myanmar
Inle Lake Myanmar Inle Lake Myanmar
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Photo Gallery

Golden Triangle Region

Kyaing Tong

Kyaing Tong is the capital city of the Golden Triangle area near the border of China, Thailand and Laos. The town is surrounded by beautiful forests and mountains, offering travelers with trekking experience and a chance to visit the remote villages. Built by Mongrai Chief in 1243 AD, Kyaing Tong is 456km far from Taunggyi and 163km from Tachileik.


Interesting Places in Kyaing Tong

Kyaing Tong Central Market
The Market is located in downtown Kyaing Tong, which is the ancient capital of eastern Shan State. The Market brings down from the surrounding mountains many ethnic villagers wearing their traditional dresses.


Loi Mwe Catholic Church

This Church was built in 1929. You can experience sightseeing of Loi Mwe Lake in the surrounding of Loi Mwe village.

Akha Village

Most of the Akha tribes are living in Kyaing Tong. There are small villages such as Ho Kyin, Nan Phi Phank, Pang Ma Phai, situated about 50 minutes drive from Kyaing Tong. The morning market in the centre of town features a colourful mixture of ethnic groups selling local grown products.


Akhu Village

Akhu Village is located at Hokyin Mountain, about one and half hour’s drive up from Kyaing Tong. Continue upwards to visit Akhas’ villages where they stay together harmoniously.


Buffalo Market
The Buffalo Market is situated on the left side of the road leaving Kyaing Tong for Taunggyi. This market is unique for buying and selling of the hardy buffaloes used for farming and transportation and also for meat and milk.


Eng Village

Nant Lin Taung is a hilly village resided by Eng nationals. Only 13 miles (21km) from the north of Kyaing Tong in Eastern Shan State in Myanmar. The Eng Nationals have a love for black teeth and tobacco chewing and they earn their living by farming and hunting.


Golden Triangle Golf Club

Golden Triangle Golf Club has 18 holes with total range of 6554 yards and is located on the mountain side just on the outskirt of Kyaing Tong – the City of the East.

Gon Shan Village

It is located about 20 minutes drive from Kyaing Tong. You can reach Gon Shan village and see remarkable long houses.


Jom Kham Monastery

It is one of the old monasteries situated in Kyaing Tong. You can see many ancient Buddha images inside the monastery.


Jom Kham Pagoda

Jom Kham or Jom Taung Pagoda is situated in Kyaing Tong. It was built over 1100 years ago. Sacred hair relic of Lord Buddha is enshrined in it.

Kabar Aye Pagoda

The Pagoda was built during 11th Century and located 21km east of Kyaing Tong, the capital city of the Golden Triangle Region. In dedication to “World Peace“, the Pagoda is also named Kaba Aye.

Loi Mwe Village

It takes about one and half hour drive from Kyaing Tong. The hill top place is filled with peaceful surroundings and you can have a look at old British Colonial Governor’s Houses and old churches. You can also see many hillside cultivations surrounding Loi Mwe village.

Maha Myat Muni Pagoda (Wat Pra Sao Loang)

The Maha Myat Muni image was cast in Mandalay by Kyaing Tong Sawbwa in 1908 and donated here in 1923. The Pagoda is just around the corner from the New Kyaing Tong Hotel. The Pagoda Festival is held annually in November. Its atmosphere is tranquil and ideal for meditation and praying.

Mong La

Mong La is located 85km from Kyaing Tong in the Eastern Shan State of Myanmar. It is bordered with China’s Daluo port in Xishuangbanana, Yunan Province. (You can visit this area with prior permission.)

Mong Ma Village

Mong Ma village is situated near Mong La, eastern Shan State and you can observe traditional Long houses and life styles of local people in this village.

Mya Shwe Yi Hot Spring

Mya Shwe Yi Hot Spring is nearby Kyaing Tong- Taunggyi road and 5 miles (8km) from Kyaing Tong, Eastern Shan State.

Naung Tong Lake

This lake lies in the centre of the Kyaing Tong, the city of east in Shan State, and it had been known that it covered the whole city once. It is a Historical legendary Lake.


One Tree Hill

One prominent Landmark of Kyaing Tong is the One Tree hill. This is a Kanyin Phyu Tree (Dipterocarpus Alatus) growing on top of the Soam Mom Hill on the outskirt of the city. It stands alone on the hill so that how the name was given. It is nearby downtown area of Kyaing Tong and planted in 1753, which is 218ft (66m) height.


Pan Wai Village

Pan Wai village is situated near Kyaing Tong. You can visit there about 15 minute drive from Loi Mwe village. You can observe the tradition of Lahu people living there and the old colonial style houses.

Pha Lian Monastery

This monastery is situated in Kyaing Tong. You can observe the donations to Buddha by locals and study monk’s practices and learn Buddha’s literature.

R.C.M Catholic Church

Roman Catholic Mission (R.C.M) Church is located in Kyaing Tong, the capital city of Golden Triangle Region. It is an ancient Roman Catholic Church, uniquely beautiful and different from the other churches.

Satuyatha Thumingala Pagoda

Was built in 1990 and you can see Loi Mwe Lake and experience sightseeing on the hill.

Wa Villages (Golden Triangle Region)

Wa villages are situated in Kyaing Tong Township of the eastern Shan State. This area is known for its great trekking experience to villages of many colorful ethnic tribes including the Wa nationals.

Wan Nyet Village & Monastery

It takes about two and half hours to drive from Kyaing Tong, and Wan Nyet village can be reached within 2 hours on foot. An old Wat or Monastery of the Loi (also called Lwe) was built here over 385 years ago, where impressive woodworks of the ethnic nationals are tourist attractions.

Wan Seng Monastery

Wan Seng Monastery is situated in Wan Seng Village of Kyaing Tong. It is an ancient monastery, uniquely beautiful and different from the other monasteries.


Wan Seng Village

Wan Seng is one of the two Loi (Lwe) villages, about 2 hours by car from Kyaing Tong. About 7 to 10 families (total 10 to 25 people in-cluding children) live in one longhouse. They have a separate fireplace in the main corridor, where they cook and store dried/smoked meat, and there is a small room for each family.


Wat Inn Monastery

Wat Inn Monastery is situated in Kyaing Tong. The monastery has a fine collection of Shan-style Buddha images. The temple walls and ceilings are decorated with gold leaves depicting Buddha’s stories, folk tales amid beautiful floral designs.

Yat Taw Mu Buddha Image

Yat Taw Mu Buddha or the Standing Buddha Image, is situated on Son-sah as Jom-rak hill in Kyaing Tong, Shan State. The Standing Buddha was built in 1997, having a height of 67ft (20m) from head to toe. The Buddha image is in the pointing position which means Lord Buddha is making a prophecy.



Tachileik is located on the Myanmar - Thailand border in the eastern Shan State, upgraded as a gateway to the heart of the Golden Triangle. The Friendship Bridge across the small Mae Sai stream links Tachileik with the northern Thai border town of Mae Sai.



Interesting Places in Tachileik

Chinese Monastery
This Monastery, built in 1999, is situated around 2km from the border of Myanmar and Thailand. The Chinese Monastery is the largest and the most beautiful in Tachileik.

Ho Nam Monastery
Ho Nam monastery is situated on the way to Tarlay Lang Tong Buddha Image and you can pay homage to the relics of Buddha and very big Buddha Image.

Lang Taung Pagoda
This pagoda is situated 60km from Tachileik and 15km from Tarlay. You can see Myanmar-Thai architecture.

Maha Myat Muni Monastery
This beautifully built monastery is situated around half kilometer from Myanmar-Thai friendship bridge. There is a holy Maha Myat Muni Buddha Image inside the monastery.

Morning Market (Tachileik)
The Morning Market is located half km from border checkpoint of Myanmar and Thailand. It is one of the tourist attractions in Tachileik, usually opened from 6 am to 1 pm. The Hill Tribes attired in their traditional costumes are also the attractions in the market.

Shwedagon Pagoda (The Replica)
Shwedagon Pagoda is located 1km from the friendship Bridge of Myanmar and Thailand in Tachileik. It was built in 1988 with 108ft (33m) high and it is also good view point to see the panoramic view of Tachileik and Mai Sai (border Town of Thailand).

Talot Market
It is well known as China Town and the largest shopping centre in Tachileik. It is nearby Myanmar- Thailand Friendship Bridge. It offers a variety of local products as well as commodities made in Thailand and China.

Two Dragons Monastery
The beautiful monastery with Shan traditional architecture is located 1.5km far from the Myanmar-Thai Friendship Bridge. Visitors can pay homage to the Shan traditional style Bamboo Buddha Image and two Thai Style Buddha Images.

Wan Pong Port and Check Point
Wan Pong port is located about 24 miles (39km) away from Tachileik and the driving time is one hour from Tachileik. Sightseeing along the Mekhong River and the villages on the other side of the river are tourist attractions of the area.

Wan Tong Two Dragon Pagoda
This Pagoda is a place of worship for the Buddhists, situated on the Tachileik-Wan Pong area.